Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Target for 8/25

  • Dove Visibly smooth deodorant, on sale for $3.29 x 4 (used $2/1 man coupon x 4, used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Johnson's buddies soap, $0.97 x 4 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Gerber baby bottles, $0.99 x 4 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Colgate SpongeBob toothpaste travel size, $0.52 x 2 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 2)
  • Johnson&Johnson First Aid travel kits, $0.97 x 2 (used $1/1 man coupon x 2)
  • Cottonelle wipes travel size, $0.99 x 2 (used $1/1 Target coupon from paper x 2)
  • Purina One cat food, $5.99 (used $2/1 Target coupon) - OH NO! missed the $1 off coupon on the package!
  • Target brand cereal puffs, $1.59 (no coupons)
  • Gerber Graduates meals, on clearance for $1.73 x 4 (was, $2.04, no coupons)
  • Girl's dress, on clearance for $4.98 (was $9.99, no coupons)
  • Icecube gum, on clearance for $0.52 (was $1.04, no coupons)
  • Trident gum, on clearance for $0.48 x 2 (was $0.99 x 2, no coupons)
  • 5 Lush gum, on clearance for $0.64 (was $1.29, no coupons)
  • Orbit gum, on clearance for $0.48 (was $0.99, no coupons)
Total before sales and coupons: $55.92
Total after sales and coupons: $20.93
Total saved: $34.99 or 63%!!

That's a lot of free stuff!

If anyone needs the baby bottles let me know and I'll give them to you. I just figured I'd pick them up and make sure I got them to someone who might be able to use some free bottles.

I didn't see the cat food coupon on the bag until I was loading it into my van. Darn, I could have saved another dollar! :)

The cereal puffs were a "splurge" - both of the kids love those things so I thought I'd get them some even though they are geared more for the under a year set. Same with the Gerber meals. I have never bought these before so I hope the kids like them. I thought they'd be a quick and easy meal for Damian to make one night when I'm at bible study or not home.

I'm thinking I could go back and get a few more things (like the deodorant - what a deal!) in the next day or two. But you can score big too!!

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