Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forgot to mention this!

If you buy Huggies Diapers please keep all your receipts to send into the Caregivers Marketplace!!!

This company will give you $0.75 per package back on Huggies Diapers (they do Pull-ups and Balmex too). There are a lot of products besides child items as well that they will give you a rebate on so go to the website and look at the qualifying products. You can buy these products from anywhere; Target, Walmart, the grocery store, wherever!

They have changed their program a little since I first did this but it looks like you can register online and send in your receipts that way or you can print the cash back form from online and mail it in. Anyway, when I do this the next time, it will be a new process for me too. But I have sent in my receipts before and did get a check back! So it's totally valid!

I did the Huggies Deal three times this week at Walgreen's so now I can send in my receipts and get $6.75 back from buying diapers. After I get that check, I will have paid $8.25 for 9 PACKS OF DIAPERS!!!! That's less than paying for one pack alone!

If the store is out of the size you need or could use at some point, try seeing if the manager would work a deal with you where you could get a $10 gift card for the store and a rain check so you can buy them when they are in stock again. Never hurts to ask. Or, try another Walgreen's!

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