Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rolling, rolling, rolling....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have been working hard on getting our new office finished and we are finally done! Well, there is still a lot of organizing that needs to happen, but we are up and running. I am so happy we are done - I love this new space!

I have been doing Walgreen shopping but haven't posted about it. I went today and got some awesome deals. Here's how today's trip went:
  • Skintimate Cream Shave, on sale for $2.99 (received a $3 Register Reward for this item making it free!)
  • One A Day Women's 2O Multi-vitamin drink mix, 2 pack, $1.49 (will send in for Easy Saver Rebate #1 for $1.49 back making this free!)
  • Cottonelle refill wipes, 84 pk x 2, $4.99 each (used Wags coupon making them 2/$5, used $0.50/1 x 2 man coupon)
  • Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 10 pk, on sale 2/$5 (used $1/2 man coupon, received a $2 RR for this purchase)
  • Hershey Kit Kat bar x 2, 2/$1.59 (got these both free with in-ad sale, will explain below)
  • Pringles chips x 4, 2/$4 (used Wags coupon making them 2/$3, used $1/2 x 2 man coupon)
  • Diet Coke x 2, 2/$2.89 (used two Coke Rewards coupons making these both free)
  • Edge shaving gel, on sale for $2.99 (received a $3 Register Reward for this item making it free! I also did this in a separate transaction since the other shaving gel is from the same company and I wanted to make sure I got both RR's.)
  • Chapstick Naturals, on sale for $1.99 (received a $2 RR making this free!)
Total before coupons, rebates and RR's: $38.04
Total after coupons, rebates and RR's: -$5.41
Total saved: That's right - I got PAID $5.41 for the above purchase, keep reading to understand why

Normally I do not count the Register Rewards I redeem in a purchase when I show my numbers because I already counted them on the previous deal. If you count them again, you're double counting and it's not reflecting the true amount you save. However, since I did not post about my last deals, I got to count them on this one. Like my logic? :) Anyway, I redeemed $16 in register rewards so that really took my total down.

When you use Register Rewards to help get more Register Rewards, it's called "rolling". That's a bit of a goal, use RR's to help get more RR's. That way you really aren't spending money out of pocket.

Also, I got the Kit Kat's for free because in this week's flyer it states if you buy a Coke or Diet Coke, you get a free Hershey candy. I ended up getting the two Cokes and the candy free because I had the Coke Rewards coupons to use. Coke Rewards is a point system, sign up for free and you enter points off their products that you can redeem. I had a bunch so I just choose free 20 oz coupons.

I also wanted to notify everyone that Walmart has Gerber sleepers on clearance for $3. They are the blanket sleepers (with footies) and footless kind and come 2 to a pack. They hardly had anything for boys but a bunch of girl ones. I picked a few up for Nadia. At $1.50 a sleeper, that's a good deal! There's also the opportunity to get some free mascara from Rimmel if you purchase the All You April edition magazine (it's Walmart's magazine). There are several good coupons in it this month and you get a $6.47 masacara for free (coupon in the mag). Pam cooking spray is on rollback for $2.88 and there was a $1/1 man coupon in that magazine. I had Pam on my list so I got some cheap cooking spray too!

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