Friday, August 28, 2009

Target for 8/28

  • Johnson&Johnson Buddies soap, $0.97 x 2 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 2)
  • Gerber bottles, $0.99 x 4 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Booster seat, on sale for $16.09 (no coupons, not pictured)
  • Bounce dryer bar, on sale for $3.79 (used $2.50/1 man coupon)
  • PS3 Guitar Hero, on clearance for $22.48 (no coupon but this was a steal at 75% off! It was originally $90)
  • Snickers bar, $0.52 (used a Chocolate Relief man coupon getting this for FREE)
  • Dove deodorant, on sale for $3.79 x 2 (used $2/1 man coupon x 2, used $1/1 Target coupon x 2)
  • Crest Advanced Seal whitening strips trial size, on clearance for $4.24 x 4 (used $7/1 man coupon x 2 *see note below*, originally $4.99 each)
  • Cutter mosquito spray, on clearance for $6.98 (no coupon, originally $9.99)
Total before sales and coupons: $157.42
Total after sales and coupons: $54.97
Total saved: $102.45 or 65%!!

So the Guitar Hero game was a big surprise and an awesome deal! We have been borrowing the game for the Wii system and like it but didn't want to spend so much on it. So when we saw the price on this we grabbed it up. The Northfield Target still has a few left if you're looking for it on the PlayStation 3.

The booster seat was a great deal too since we are going to be needing this for preschool carpooling. Also if Viggo will be riding with someone else this will be way easier to transfer from car to car. The booster said it seats at 30-100 lbs and 34-57" so it is perfect for him or any of his carpool friends.

I got the Bounce dryer bar coupon from VocalPoint. If you're not a member you should definitely sign up! I've gotten lots of great coupons and free products from them. I read that there was a Target coupon in last Sunday's paper that you could stack with this but I forgot to buy a paper last Sunday! I know! Still, for $1.29 and it's supposed to last 2 months, that's a steal.

Every Friday through the end of September Mars has been having this free chocolate campaign. Go to the link above and sign up for your free chocolate (each household can do this up to 4 times).

The Crest strips were a great score! And the best part was that each box contains a $7 off coupon so you can keep rolling this deal as long as they keep the strips in stock. Although I'm not sure if they will be around much longer since they are in the clearance section?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Target for 8/25

  • Dove Visibly smooth deodorant, on sale for $3.29 x 4 (used $2/1 man coupon x 4, used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Johnson's buddies soap, $0.97 x 4 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Gerber baby bottles, $0.99 x 4 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 4)
  • Colgate SpongeBob toothpaste travel size, $0.52 x 2 (used $1/1 Target coupon x 2)
  • Johnson&Johnson First Aid travel kits, $0.97 x 2 (used $1/1 man coupon x 2)
  • Cottonelle wipes travel size, $0.99 x 2 (used $1/1 Target coupon from paper x 2)
  • Purina One cat food, $5.99 (used $2/1 Target coupon) - OH NO! missed the $1 off coupon on the package!
  • Target brand cereal puffs, $1.59 (no coupons)
  • Gerber Graduates meals, on clearance for $1.73 x 4 (was, $2.04, no coupons)
  • Girl's dress, on clearance for $4.98 (was $9.99, no coupons)
  • Icecube gum, on clearance for $0.52 (was $1.04, no coupons)
  • Trident gum, on clearance for $0.48 x 2 (was $0.99 x 2, no coupons)
  • 5 Lush gum, on clearance for $0.64 (was $1.29, no coupons)
  • Orbit gum, on clearance for $0.48 (was $0.99, no coupons)
Total before sales and coupons: $55.92
Total after sales and coupons: $20.93
Total saved: $34.99 or 63%!!

That's a lot of free stuff!

If anyone needs the baby bottles let me know and I'll give them to you. I just figured I'd pick them up and make sure I got them to someone who might be able to use some free bottles.

I didn't see the cat food coupon on the bag until I was loading it into my van. Darn, I could have saved another dollar! :)

The cereal puffs were a "splurge" - both of the kids love those things so I thought I'd get them some even though they are geared more for the under a year set. Same with the Gerber meals. I have never bought these before so I hope the kids like them. I thought they'd be a quick and easy meal for Damian to make one night when I'm at bible study or not home.

I'm thinking I could go back and get a few more things (like the deodorant - what a deal!) in the next day or two. But you can score big too!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Target Deals for 8/18

  • Pampers diapers box, $19.99 (used $1/1 Target coupon, used a $2/1 man coupon but they didn't scan it!!! GRRR)
  • Swiffer wetjet refill, on clearance for $1.88 each x 2
  • Clorox bleach, on clearance for $0.84
  • Duracell 16 pack "AA" batteries, $10.39 (used a $0.75/1 man coupon but they didn't scan it!!! GRRR - also came with some form about $10 in P&G coupons but I haven't looked at it yet)
  • Extra long beach towel, on clearance for $5.48
  • Hefty trash bags, on sale for $8.49 (used $1/1 Target coupon)
  • Up & Up trash bags, on clearance for $3.98 x 3
  • Viva Big roll select a size paper towels, $2.24 x 2 (used $0.50/1 x 2 man coupons)
  • Charmin Mega roll toilet paper, $12.74 x 2 (used $0.50/1 x 2 Target coupons, used $1/1 x 2 man coupons but they only scanned one of them!!! GRRR)
  • Arm & Hammer cat litter (not shown), on sale for $10.99 (used $2/1 Target coupon but for some reason it only took $1 off!!! GRRR)
  • Benefiber, $9.94 (used $2/1 man coupon, used $2/1 Target coupon but again it only took $1 off!!! GRRR)
Total before clearance and coupons: $140.18
Total after clearance and coupons: $105.53 (should have been $99.78)
Total saved: $34.65 or a 25% savings (should have been $40.40 or 29%)

As you can see, they really screwed up my coupons!! Because I had the kids with I wasn't able to watch her closely and they were getting wild at the end so I didn't want to go through them with her. Lesson learned for next time - no kids with when I'm using lots of coupons. I don't usually take them when I do big coupon trips but since I was going to be driving right by Target on my way home from an appointment I decided to try.

At first I was really irritated about loosing almost $6 in coupons but then I realized that there have been several times where an error was made in my favor at Target so I just chalked it up to making us even. I went to the Owatonna Target and I really don't care for that store but since I was driving right past it I decided to bring my coupons with. I have just generally had lots of problems at that particular store with using coupons, the employees and they don't mark the children's clearance clothes down as much as the Northfield store does.

They had a lot of household cleaners on clearance. I grabbed the last two Swiffer refills that I could see (they still had bottles for the hardwood only floors). I've never tried their garbage bags but they are supposed to be like the Glad Force Flex ones. Don't know if I'll like them but since I bought three boxes we're gonna use them!! :) I figured at $4 a box that's a good deal.

Times like these when I find unexpected clearance items I wish I had a way to bring all my coupons with. I use a plastic shoe box to store them because I have so many. I wouldn't want to look like a weirdo with my big shoebox of coupons at the store! Haha! I did try the binder method once but it didn't work for me.

Well, as long as I don't have the kids with me on future visits maybe I could take the box with me? It could be a fill-in for Nadia in the cart seat. :)

I hope to do more posts on deal finds since I have sort of took the summer off from doing it. No promises though!