Sunday, January 17, 2010

Outlet Shopping

This post is brought to you by Amy Kramer. :) Hope you enjoy seeing the deals I scored at the Medford Outlet the last couple weeks:

First up is Viggo's haul. I did really good and with some other clothes I have already bought, I feel like I have his winter wardrobe covered for the next two winters. I might need to pick up a special outfit for Christmas or Easter but for his regular every day clothes and even for church we are good. This time I found 4 pair of pants (one cord, two lined and one dress pair) at Old Navy. I only spent about $1-$2 for each pair! Unbelievable! I also got plenty of t-shirts and a couple polo shirts. I also found some summer tanks for him at Gymboree for 99 cents! I went into Carter's but I am finding less and less clothing for Viggo there. All their cute boy clothes he has already outgrown and the older boy things I don't really care for the style. However I did find socks for him there. I do like their socks a lot so I picked up three packs for him for $1.74 each! At The Children's Place I bought two pair of their lined windbreaker pants at $4.25 each. I got an extra 15% off at TCP because I had my birthday coupon with me (7 more days until the 3-1!). Also not pictured is a nice warm robe I got Viggo at TCP for $5!

Nadia's pile is smaller but don't think she doesn't already have a huge bin of clothes sitting and waiting! The girls selection was more limited this time. I did find a bunch of tops for her at Gymboree for $2-$4 each, which is a huge savings when you're talking Gymboree! I also got her a skort from there. The green and white t-shirt on the bottom are from Old Navy for around $1. The sweater and beaded shirts are from TCP. The picture doesn't do them justice though! That sweater is adorable in person!! I got it for $4.25. The t-shirts were $3.60 each with my extra 15% off birthday coupon. Gloves and mittens were from Carter's, just like Viggo's. They didn't have ANY socks for girls though. :( I got the bunny at Carter's and I thought it would be very cute to put in her Easter basket - it was $3. Those pajamas are adorable and I got them at Target a few weeks ago. I think I paid a couple dollars for each set from the Christmas clearance section.

After all that shopping I went to Target to get a couple storage bins for under the beds. Hehe! Got a good deal on those too! Christmas 110 quart storage bins clearanced to $7! They were half the price of the ones on sale for the same size. And who really cares what color they are, they are hiding under the bed!