Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New LUVS Super Absorbent Leakguard review

After three kids I know my way around a diaper! I was offered the opportunity by SheSpeaks to test run LUVS new diapers and I was happy to do so.

Typically, I purchase diapers at Costco in bulk for savings. They only offer their Kirkland brand and Huggies. There is almost always a $5 off a box of diapers between the two brands. My cost per diaper after a coupon is $0.25 ($0.29 without a coupon). Now that my youngest is starting to potty train I will be phasing diapers out but we will still use them at night for just in case until we are confident in night training.

The first thing I noticed with the LUVS is that they have a nice, powder smell. While I find the smell pleasant, I also am concerned with extra chemicals added to give that smell that are not necessary.  I was also worried that the smells could attribute to a diaper rash or skin reaction but thankfully it did not!

These new LUVS super absorbent diapers are supposed to have a night lock feature to keep your baby dry overnight.  They are very thin and not at all bulky.

The diapers I opted to receive were size 6, their largest.  My young 2 year old is a big kid so I went with the larger size.  These diapers fit him well, a little long but I know size 5 would have been too small.  He liked wearing the LUVS because they had a monkey on them and he liked to look at the monkey when I changed him.  I did notice that the tabs for the diaper were not the greatest if you had to reapply but they held strong and did not tear....something I have had repeated problems with on Huggies brand.

We never had any leak problems with these LUVS and I was very happy overall with their performance!  Their price per diaper (for a size 6) was $0.27.  That is a good deal when you compare other name brand diapers.  I know I can get diapers from Costco a couple cents cheaper but there are times that I may run out and going all the way to Costco, which is not local for me, would be silly just to save 2 cents a diaper.  I would totally supplement with LUVS and as we move past this phase of life, recommend them to all new moms!

To learn more about Luvs, please visit their website, or Click Here to learn more about the new Super Absorbent diapers. Be sure to  follow them on Facebook and Twitter as well!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Luvs but the views in this post remain my own.