Monday, December 19, 2011


I know it's been a while since I posted on this blog but I had to share a fun new program I just signed up with! I'm going to start trying to post about products and programs I'm participating in so that my friends can get my opinion.

I have been a member of SheSpeaks for awhile now. SheSpeaks is a product testing company - they send you products to try, you give your opinion. I'm sure they are hoping you'll like the products and tell your friends and family. They also give feedback to the company so even if you don't like something, that company hears your real opinion and hopefully they make improvements in the product.

A month or so ago I received an email from SheSpeaks about a new opportunity coming up. It was Cravebox and for $10 a month they would send you 4-5 products to try and give your opinion (this includes the shipping cost). I already participate in a simliar program geared towards high end beauty products called Birchbox. While I've enjoyed Birchbox as well, I'm not huge on high end (read: expensive) beauty products, so when I heard Cravebox would offer a whole range of types of products to try, I decided I would check it out and then pick which program I liked best. Truth be told, I haven't picked yet and still am on both memberships (I'll have to pick soon, $10 I can justify, $20 is getting to be too much).

Anyway...I signed up and got my first Cravebox this past Friday. I was extremely pleased with the contents and felt the products were well worth the $10 investment. Here's what was included:

  • 2 packs of Bic For Her pens (retails for around $3 a pack at Walmart)
  • Baci chocolate truffles (approx. $1.24 value)
  • Mereadesso Beautiful Body Balm ($54 value!!)
  • OPI Nic's Sticks ($4.99 value)
  • Perugina chocolate bar ($1.75 value)
I'm not normally a dark chocolate person but I really did like the Perugina bar. The almonds were "caramelized" and really gave great flavor to the chocolate. No opinion yet on the truffles since I'm waiting for a quiet time after I get a bunch of busy Christmas projects done to sit with a nice cup of coffee and no kids to enjoy them!

I like the smell of the lotion. It's not too thick, not too thin. I get super dry skin in the winter with the harsh MN air and after I applied this lotion, my skin was soft and moisturized.

On to the pens...I'm not really sure why they are called Bic for Her unless it's because they have a feminine look to them. I tried using them at first to write on the back of a photo but because they are gel ink, it didn't work. I did use them to address my Christmas letter envelopes and they worked fine. Nothing in particular made them stand out but I do love gel ink (except when trying to notate photos).

The OPI Nic Stick's is a new product to me. I've never used nail polish this way but, wow, how cool! I am totally sold on the Nic Stick's and how easy and less messy they are then the traditional nail polish bottle. I don't often wear nail polish (with 3 kids, one being a baby, who has time to apply it?) but this product could sway me. Since it's portable I could easily do my nails on the go or waiting for a kid to finish up an extracurricular activity or whenever there's a free moment to paint a few nails. Eventually I'd get them all done, right?

So my vote is if you're looking to pamper yourself, go sign up with Cravebox and for $10 a month you can take part in trying new products!

(I am not paid nor do I receive any type of credit for friends signing up for Cravebox. I just genuinely think it's a fun program and am recommending it)

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