Saturday, February 14, 2009


I love getting stuff in the mail! Here's a photo of some of the most recent items I've gotten:

Ok - so the whitening strips are a neat sample but I'm not sure how someone is going to be able to see whiter teeth after just one application. Guess I'll give them a try and see.

The Kirkland diapers are awesome - I love these! I would compare them to Huggies, very similar. Since there's no nearby Costco for us I don't think we would be able to buy them since I haven't seen them anywhere else before.

We love the Orville Redenbacher natural popcorns. Our favorite is the butter garlic kind. Very tasty and this particular sample seems to pop up a lot so we've gotten several packs of free popcorn before. Goes great with our Netflix movie night.

The lotion sample is kind of funny since there's barely enough there to even moisturize my hands. Oh well, it was free!

The Glad storage bag isn't that exciting. It's a plastic storage bag - woo-hoo?

I already got my free can of tomatoes and used them with a Tastefully Simple marinara mix and it tasted great!

I also got the free Dr. Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper. I love a FREE Dr. Pepper even more!

The Kid's Essentials drink pack was the biggest score! The coupon was valued up to $14.99! I got these at Target and I had a Target $2 off coupon as well so I actually got paid $2 to try this 6 pack drink. It's like a nutritional substitute and it even has a probiotic straw - how neat is that?! Viggo loves them. It's a nice thing to have in the house because some nights he doesn't want to eat what we are having for dinner and I can give him one of these drinks and not feel so bad that he's missing out on food.

I linked all the freebies that I believe are still available - go get some free stuff!

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