Saturday, February 14, 2009

Recent Target Scores

  • Johnson & Johnson naturals body wash - on clearance for $2.14 each (originally $4.28 ea)
  • Johnson Buddies soaps - $0.97 each - used $1/1 man coupon making both soaps free!
  • Blue hoodie - on clearance for $2.24
  • Valentine Dora book for Nadia - no coupon or sale but this was for her Valentine's gift
  • Suave kids body wash - on sale for $1.50 - used a coupon for a free Suave product up to $3 but instead of just getting this for free, she took $3 off so I earned money!
  • King size quilt - on clearance for $34.98 (originally $70!)
  • Matching shams - on clearance for $7.48 (originally $15)
  • Potholder set - on clearance for $4.18
  • Bamboo towel set - on clearance for $4.98
  • Microfiber towel pack - on clearance for $4.98
  • Always pads - come on people, this was a necessity
  • Lightening McQueen socks - $1 from the One Spot, a Valentine gift for Viggo
  • Bath rugs - on clearance for $4.24 for the large ones, $2.24 for the smaller purple one
  • Bath toilet covers - on clearance for $2.24
Some really great sales on bath and linen items! I love that quilt, so pretty. We have a queen size bed but I always buy king sized quilts so they fit better and Damian and I aren't fighting over who has more covers. :) I LOVE microfiber towels. They absorb water so well and are awesome to use when drying dishes. I've never had bamboo towels so I'll have to give them a whirl. I've always heard people say good things about bamboo so I thought since they were on clearance I would see if I like them.

Now I don't really need all those bathroom sets at the moment. But, at 75% off I figured I could store them until we do need to replace some and I will have brand new, super cheap sets ready to go. I usually end up replacing a set once every 3 or 4 years because that rubber backing starts to get gross.

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