Monday, February 23, 2009

How far will $5.10 go at Target?

How about this:
  • Goldfish, $1.79 x 2 (used $1/1 Target printable x 2)
  • Dora sticker book, $1 at The One Spot
  • Satin care shaving cream travel size, $0.99 x 2 (used $0.55/1 x 2 man coupon)
  • Head & Shoulders travel size, $0.97 x 2 (used $1/1 x 2 man coupon)
  • Bausch & Lomb eye drops travel size, $0.99 x 2 (used $3/1 x 2 man coupon making this purchase a money maker of $4!)
  • Boys t-shirt, on clearance for $2.50
  • Girls pants, on clearance for $1.98!
Total before clearance and coupons: $23.92
Total after clearance and coupons: $5.10
Total saved: $18.82 or 79%

You can get your Target printables on their website or at A Full Cup. I just registered today at A Full Cup and I love their site. There is a TON of information on there for saving money at almost any store. It's free to join so go get yourself an account!!

I thought the Dora stickers would be a good thing to put in Nadia's Easter basket so I'll save those. And those green pants are so adorable - I couldn't believe they were only $2! They are way too big now but in the future she can wear them. They'd even make for cute St. Patrick Day pants.

Lots of times you can buy travel size items and use a manufacturer coupon which will make them free. Unless the coupon states "excludes trial size" it's fine to use them. So getting those eye drops was a big score because I "earned" $4 using those two coupons. That money got absorbed by other items in my cart and it made my money go even further. Always remember if you are going to use a coupon that exceeds the value of the product you are buying, put something else in your cart to absorb the overage. A pack of gum, a pencil, whatever it takes to get you as close to $0.01 as possible. The store is NOT going to give you money back, the register is NOT going to show a negative total.

When I was shopping I almost bought a refill for the Kandoo soap that the kids use. We have one dispenser that is just about empty. It's the foam soap and I really like that better because it's easier for the kids to wash their hands up. However I started thinking there's got to be a cheaper way to do this - even beyond using a coupon.

So I went online and did a Swagbucks search (and won Swagbucks!! - see to your right on how you can too) and found a really awesome website. It's called Instructables and I learned how to make my own foam soap refill! There are instructions on this website for just about anything. Just another great reference if you're looking on how to do something.

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