Saturday, February 14, 2009

Walgreen's is my Valentine

Ok, not really. Damian is definitely my Valentine! We had our little date out last night. We went to dinner at Harry's in Lakeville. We love their food and they have a gigantic menu, whatever you're in the mood for, they have it. After that we decided to run over to Best Buy and pick up the software to do our taxes. We perused the movie and Wii selection. Then I spoted a drum set they had out for the Xbox game Rockstar (or something....don't quote me on that). Anyhow, I started pressing various buttons and before I knew it the thing started playing a song for a game. I sat down and decided to give it a whirl. OH MY GOSH - SO FUN!!!

After the first song I had stripped off my jacket and threw it and my purse at Damian so I could rock out. Poor guy straggled off into the computer section carrying my things. The problem is, now I want one. We don't have an Xbox but we do have a Wii and apparently they have this for the Wii too. But by the time you buy the drum set and game you'd be broke. So I'll just have to check ebay or craigslist occasionally or sadly live off my one shining moment in Best Buy.

After my performance, we went to see Slumdog Millionaire. It was really good. Believe it or not I managed to not cry even though there were a couple moments had I wanted to blubber I could have. It was also a great Valentine movie to see since it is very much a love story. We had a fun night and even got home early enough to watch some tv together.

Today I went to Walgreen's and got in some of the last second shopping for the week (new sales always start on Sunday's). I was dissapointed in what was left, a few of the items on my list weren't on the shelves. Here's what I came home with:

  • Altoids, $1.99 x 2 (used Wags BOGO coupon)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles toilet gel, on sale $3.50 x 2 (used $1/1 man coupon x 2, will send in for February ES Rebate of $1 each)
  • Schick Quattro disposable razors, 3 pack, on sale for $4.99 x 4 (used $2/1 IVC x 4, used $2/1 x 4 man coupon)
  • Dawn Dish soap, $1.99 (used Wags coupon making them $0.99 each, used $0.25/1 x 2 man coupon)
Total before coupons and rebates: $36.67
Total after coupons and rebates: $11.68
Total saved: $24.99 or 68%

Pretty good deal. I actually used $4 in register rewards but since I have already counted them in a previous deal, I can't double count them. I also paid with my gift card rebate money so none of this came directly out of pocket. That's what is great about doing the rebates with Walgreen's - if you have it put on a gift card you get 110% back since they give you a 10% bonus because you choose having your refund as a gift card instead of a check. I always do that because you can use it to either pay for more deals, photos or even a prescription! There's always something you can use the card there for.

I'm saving my FAR items to see if a special coupon comes out this month. Sometimes Walgreen's will put out a $5/$20 purchase or something of the sort. If you save up your FAR items (free after rebate) buying until the coupon comes out, you'll earn even more money when you group it with manufacturer coupons!

Just in case anyone missed it, I am hosting a Mom Night Out for our MOPS group on the 26th of this month at 6:30 at my home to teach you about this type of shopping. Anyone is welcome, even if you aren't in MOPS! If you want more information, let me know!

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